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Sunday, February 26, 2012

taking a break

i haven't really done a lick of work this week.  we left last saturday for taos (see photos above), and were welcomed with some new fallen snow.  it was beautiful.  since john has been out of snowboarding so far this winter due to his back, we hung out at the house for 4 days.  my son ben and his friend scott ended up being the ski area residents without john.

the good news is that john and i can't possibly sit still for 4 days.  so we painted our bedroom, which has been on the "to do" list for years.  so the pink walls are now taupe-y (ben says we traded light beige for dark beige.)  for those of you who are color oriented, that small change from light (and warm) beige to dark (and cool) beige is a game changer.  the room feels cozy now, and the new mexican details in the room now pop instead of blend in like before.  i only took one photo, and it's not too great, but here is a picture of the pink-turned-taupe in action:

hopefully i will get some better photos one day.  i'm not too great in the room documentation department.

if you look closely, you can see that the vigas (beams) on the ceiling used to be almost the same tone as the walls.  so even though they were up there, and beautiful, they were almost lost.  now the contrast allows them to shine.  i love that!! by the way, we learned if you move the ladder without remembering there is a whirring fan on the ceiling, it makes quite a large clatter!

okay, time to get back to art making.  all of this home improvement is taking me away from my "real" job!!

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