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Thursday, February 2, 2012

anthology magazine

thanks to aphrochic for the photo

i love anthology magazine!  it's a shelter magazine which runs quarterly.  currently they have just delivered issue number 6.  i missed #1 somehow.  guess i wasn't paying attention as well as i should have.  if you know me well, you know that magazines are one of my favorite things.  i got this obsession from my mom.  each week at the grocery store she splurged at the checkout and threw 2 or 3 women's magazines in the cart.  i remember  being so excited about the purchase.  mc call's had a page with a besty mc call, a paper doll.  and i could barely wait to get my hands on it.  i would glue betsy and her outfits to a piece of shirt cardboard my mom stashed away for just this purpose.  usually the glue made her a bit wrinkly, but i didn't care.  then she would dry, and i could then cut betsy and her wardrobe out.  my cutting skills were not the best.  i think i cut off the little tabs on the clothes more than once.  but it was amazing how one page of a magazine could keep me so occupied and thrilled.

i thought of all of this when i got my new issue of anthology.  the cover this time is a paper cut sculpture by an artist named chloe fleury.  there is more of her work throughout the magazine.  she has even created a little trailer, a film featuring her cover design.  

here is the link from vimeo:

i am so glad that print is not dead.  i don't know about you, but turning pages on a computer screen doesn't do it for me.  i like the feel of the paper in my hands.  and i love to dog ear the pages i love.  

one of my favorite magazines of all time was home companion.  a couple of years ago it just stopped.  i was so bummed, because it was really the only magazine which consistently featured artists and their work spaces.  ready made was also a good magazine, but lately (after it was sold) it does not cut the mustard for me.  so anthology wins, hands down.  

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