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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oy. It's been forever!

i have not posted in…forever.

it's been a wild ride.  we moved several months ago, and the house has taken all of my time.  it's been pretty fun, actually!  since NOTHING in the old place really fit into the downsized space, it was the time to get rid of, sell, donate, and repurpose much of what we had.  we took 15 loads to the thrift shop, had 2 huge garage sales, sold tons on craigslist, and traded more to a local antiques dealer.

we finally managed to get everything set, installed, hung, and stored in the new place.  it's a lot less cluttered, which goes well with the modern vibe of the new house.

the new kitchen!!

in between were vacations, a sweet son sent off to college, and a new job.  yes, i decided to enter the real workplace!  i am currently working as a temporary salesperson at anthropologie!  i determined that staying home 24-7 by myself was not a good thing.  i tried to make art, but was feeling…alone.  so i figured i'd get out into the world and be around people.  creative and fun people to be exact!  so there you go.  a whole lot of life in one easy paragraph.