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Sunday, February 27, 2011

diagram w

i worked at the shop two days in a row.  and while i was there i created some prints.  these are big, on hot-pressed watercolor paper that is about 14x22 inches.  i am still playing around with letters and numbers.  this new set of prints is adding the diagram to the mix.  this one has 5 layers of ink.  i wanted it to look a bit naive, so i hope i was able to get that look.  i also did one that's a diagram of a dress from an old dry cleaning ticket.  it's pictured below.  funny how that light blue keeps showing up in my work.  don't know why, but it's definitely been creeping into most things i've been creating lately.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

new print on etsy

i listed this print on etsy today.  i made it in the studio at sk3tchbook a few weeks ago.  it was kind of fun, as a woman came in and watched me working on it for at least 30 minutes.  that's the kind of thing we are always hoping for at sk3tchbook.  people coming in and watching us create, asking us questions, and enjoying the process of art.  it was a great day.

the print is 9x12, and is mounted on cradled hardboard, which is painted black.  the process is long and almost unexplainable, but basically you layer oil-based printing ink over and over to create the print.  the images of the bottles are created with cut paper, which blocks the ink where it is placed.  the lines are done last, by scratching through the layers to expose the ink underneath.  they are monoprints, as you can only do one at a time, and the paper cut outs aren't reusable because they get covered with ink.

i was in a retro kind of mood when i started this print.  i had been looking at various catalogs, and it seems that bottles in retro shapes are all the rage.  i'm not sure why i chose turquoise, it's not usually a color i work with.  who knows, really!

i worked on two more prints on saturday at the studio.  it was a big zero in the creative department.  i threw both of them in the trash on the way home.  they were terrible.  i tried to print on primed canvas and black paper.  at least i know i don't have to make those mistakes twice.  oh well, live and learn!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1930's inspired color scheme

i think i have collage on the brain.  i got up at 5:30, and started this right after my first cup of coffee.  the dog is looking at me with hope in his eyes.  he knows he should have had his morning walk by now.  it's after 8 now, so i guess i should go get my shoes on.  

this collage was made with a children's book from the 1930's.  i love the colors.  and the patterns have a really contemporary feel.  just goes to show you that what is old is new again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

collage day

health and happiness

i woke up tired as tired this morning.  my brain was not functioning, and i couldn't wake up.  i decided if i sat down on any soft surface, i would be done for the day.  so i decided to make collages.  i finished two, this one and another that i am going to use as the artwork for my artist packet.  

this one is constructed from pages of books, mostly first aid books and home medical volumes.  i also threw in some images from children's readers for some color.

it's 5x7 inches.  i'm thinking instead of selling it i might put it in the bathroom, matted up to 11x14 or 16x20.  of course i need to go buy a frame, as usual.  that size seems to disappear around here.  i have a collection of vintage first aid stuff in the guest bathroom--old glass doctor's jars, a metal first aid sign, and several tin first aid kits.  i think it might just work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

glam lady lamp

i have had this lamp in the shop at sk3tchbook! for a while.  i think she is amazing.  she used to be in our bedroom, but was just a bit too feminine for john.  i wanted to put her in my studio, but counter space is very very precious in there, so i opted for overhead lighting.  today i added her to my etsy shop.  i am hoping someone in the world will see her an recognize her glamness!!  she is ceramic, maybe porcelain.  she has gloved hands and pink (yes, pink!) hair in an up do.  i made her skirt with embroidered linen fabric.  underneath is the original crinoline she came with.  her original skirt is long gone.  over her head is a squarish cloth shade with a crystal finial.  she works great.  one bulb in the shade, and one in her skirt.  i usually don't light her skirt...just cautious.  the wiring is original but seems sound.  for extra protection, some people may consider re-wiring.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new web site!!

i spent about 4 hours today making a web site.  i chose fat cow to do my hosting.  it's not perfect yet, but i think i did a pretty nice job for a non-techie.  so if you get the chance, give it a visit.  and don't forget to let me know what you think, good or bad.  (i can take it).

anyway, click here for the link.  and if you aren't the clicking type, you can type it in. luckily i have a weird last name, so nobody else had claimed!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

shoot out

this is  my new assemblage box.  it's called "shoot out".  lots of cool junk and ephemera.  i still have to install the plexi to keep everything safe.  then it will be ready to post on  it's 12x12x3 inches.  i used lots of rulers in this one.  can you see how fancy i'm getting with my 45 degree angle cuts?  just call me bob villa.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

good news/bad news

the bad news?  my class with lynn perella was cancelled this week in taos.  i was really looking forward to a week-long retreat with other collage artists.  dang.  it seems like the weather in west texas screwed up the transmission of natural gas in the pipeline to new mexico.  so most of northern new mexico has had no gas since thursday. (today is sunday).  this is just awful, because most people depend on gas to heat their homes.  i am hoping that the end of this happens very soon.  we truly don't know when the gas will go back on.  so i'm saying a little prayer for the people there.

the other bad news is that my dear husband is sitting in our house in taos with no heat.  he left on friday, and is still waiting for the gas.  i guess they finally turned off the meter late last night (saturday), and hopefully they will be around sometime today or tomorrow to turn it back on.  they say that everything must first be turned off, then the pressure in the lines need to be restored, and then they have to once again go house to house and re-light the gas.  with over 30,000 people in need of these steps, it's gonna take a long time.  

the good news?  our pipes were saved by my hero from being frozen.  he has space heaters in the bathrooms and laundry room keeping it warm.  he's a bit chilly in the larger living spaces, but he has an electric blanket, and has figured out to heat water in the coffee pot to wash with.  he says he's bored silly, can't really leave the house because if he does he might miss the gas workers.  and if you aren't there when they come, they tag your house and then you have to make an appointment to get a re-light.  i know everyone is trying their very best, but it's a gargantuan mess.

the other good news?  well, you can see it in the photo above.  my most recent junk trip. i went to the antique mall and found all of this for under $20.  i am feeling quite proud.  i don't exactly know what i will do with all of these treasures, but they will show up somewhere in the near future.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

collage, collage

i've been putting together some collage packs at the shop.  i'm trying to get some really good stuff in each pack.  and i'm selling them for $3.  so far, i have sold a bunch.  seems like people know they are getting a deal.  

i guess this has put me into the collage mood.  i am waiting for my prints to come back from my shy rabbit class.  i am working on a series of assemblages which include prints.  so i'm kinda stuck until i get them in the mail.  anyway, in my spare waiting time, i am working on some little collages that include a figure in watercolor.  watercolor is not my medium, but i cleaned out the closet in my studio and found my watercolor palette.  so it inspired me to practice, which i need badly.

each little collage will be backed by the cover of an old book from my collection.  i think i might float them in a small shadow box.  or maybe they can hang directly on the wall?  either way, here they are in progress.  photos from my phone, so please understand the not so great quality.  i'm at the shop today and don't have the big camera!

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