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Sunday, October 31, 2010


this is eggbox5. five finished, one on the table ready to glue, and two to go! why eight in the series, you ask? well, because john made me 8 boxes.

i ordered a dozen tiny mixed eggs from etsy. one is in this box, inside the tiny teacup. they are so amazing--from brown to green to white, and some speckled. eggs are so incredible.

speaking of eggs, john and i are doing the south beach diet. leaving the classroom and entering the artist life has kept me on my backside more than usual. i sit a lot and make stuff, instead of running around like a crazy woman at school. so it has had its ill effect on my mid-section. we like the south beach diet, but i literally get sick to my stomach eating eggs every day for breakfast. funny that i am making a series of boxes about eggs, and can't eat them at the same time. the good news is that i found a spectacular protein powder made from egg whites. you mix it with some soy milk, and it's really delicious!! almost like having a meringue dessert for breakfast! yay eggs!!

okay, off to finish #6.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more eggs and dishes

these are the next three in the series. (and i just received two dozen tiny eggs--don't know what to do with them yet.) i'm not going to put these new boxes on the site, but instead save them for the open house on november 19th at the shop. i have been having fun with these. john asked what i would do when i was all out of eggs and dishes. well duh, another series!!

by the way, you can click on the small photos for a closer look!

Monday, October 18, 2010

eggbox1, finished!

here it is!! available at
check it out!!

eggs and dishes and rust in a box

these are the parts to my new box in progress. i played around on iphoto and tinted the photos sepia. there really is not a lot of color, anyway. i'm doing a whole series with not a lot of color. they all have to do with eggs. eggs and porcelain. and old stuff. and i took jill's advice and did some drawing. see the eggs inside the box? there you go, jill.

johnine also helped me out on this one. she sent me an old, rusted gas can she found on the side of the road. i thought it looked like a mottled egg shell, like a quail's egg. so i used it. i had to go to the home depot and buy some tin snips to cut it. you should see the mess in the studio. there is rust everywhere. thanks, johnine!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new prints

i took these pics with my iphone, so they are not the greatest quality. but they do give you the idea. i printed them on 90 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper and then adhered them to hardboard with archival book binder's glue. i will pop them in a frame tonight and they will be in the shop by the weekend. they are 5x7", but i plan to beef them up with a nice wide frame. i have been having a bit of trouble finding frames. most are made with backs that fit into the frame and close with little tabs. and that doesn't work for these because i have to staple them into the frame. and where the staple goes, there is generally a track for the tabs to clip into. so sometimes it's a struggle. hopefully aaron bros. will come through. that's my last resort before ordering (expensive) custom frames. but i will do what i have to do!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

new game piece boxes

these are two new boxes i finished today. they are created with lots of plunder from old children's games. i glue them on nice and sturdy like, and then seal the whole thing with matte medium. finally, i spray them with acid-free sealer. i always leave the patina on the pieces. i think it makes them feel more like they have a soul. inside and on the bottom i have decoupaged old game ephemera, mostly the directions that come with the games.

the one with the pinwheel is $65, and the one made from pre-lego bricks is $55. available on our website or in the shop.