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Sunday, October 31, 2010


this is eggbox5. five finished, one on the table ready to glue, and two to go! why eight in the series, you ask? well, because john made me 8 boxes.

i ordered a dozen tiny mixed eggs from etsy. one is in this box, inside the tiny teacup. they are so amazing--from brown to green to white, and some speckled. eggs are so incredible.

speaking of eggs, john and i are doing the south beach diet. leaving the classroom and entering the artist life has kept me on my backside more than usual. i sit a lot and make stuff, instead of running around like a crazy woman at school. so it has had its ill effect on my mid-section. we like the south beach diet, but i literally get sick to my stomach eating eggs every day for breakfast. funny that i am making a series of boxes about eggs, and can't eat them at the same time. the good news is that i found a spectacular protein powder made from egg whites. you mix it with some soy milk, and it's really delicious!! almost like having a meringue dessert for breakfast! yay eggs!!

okay, off to finish #6.

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