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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new prints

i took these pics with my iphone, so they are not the greatest quality. but they do give you the idea. i printed them on 90 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper and then adhered them to hardboard with archival book binder's glue. i will pop them in a frame tonight and they will be in the shop by the weekend. they are 5x7", but i plan to beef them up with a nice wide frame. i have been having a bit of trouble finding frames. most are made with backs that fit into the frame and close with little tabs. and that doesn't work for these because i have to staple them into the frame. and where the staple goes, there is generally a track for the tabs to clip into. so sometimes it's a struggle. hopefully aaron bros. will come through. that's my last resort before ordering (expensive) custom frames. but i will do what i have to do!!

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