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Monday, October 18, 2010

eggs and dishes and rust in a box

these are the parts to my new box in progress. i played around on iphoto and tinted the photos sepia. there really is not a lot of color, anyway. i'm doing a whole series with not a lot of color. they all have to do with eggs. eggs and porcelain. and old stuff. and i took jill's advice and did some drawing. see the eggs inside the box? there you go, jill.

johnine also helped me out on this one. she sent me an old, rusted gas can she found on the side of the road. i thought it looked like a mottled egg shell, like a quail's egg. so i used it. i had to go to the home depot and buy some tin snips to cut it. you should see the mess in the studio. there is rust everywhere. thanks, johnine!

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