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Friday, December 14, 2012

new glasses, kinda cat eye.

as a visual artist, the "visual" part of me has needed correction for the last 15 years or so.  when i first went to the eye doctor in my mid 30's requesting bifocals, he laughed.  that was, until he tested my eyes.  then it was obvious to both of us, and i walked out with a new prescription for progressive lenses.

over the several doctors have tried to talk me in to contacts.  oh, i have tried.  bad idea.  i went for a couple of weeks one time before i gave up and put the glasses back on.  i don't really mind glasses.  i usually don't even notice them on my face.  what i do notice are nice frames when i am staring back at myself in the mirror.  so i alway splurge for something a bit fun or funky or colorful.  i usually wear these frames for at least 2 years, every day for over 16 hours.

here are my new ones.  slightly catty, just like me!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

slightly crooked, but finished!

i finished john's chair.  it came out pretty well, but the pattern got a bit wonky on the seat.  i think next time i will try something a bit more random.  but for the price, i'd say it's a success.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


i haven't been writing much.  and i haven't been making art.  what i have been doing is stressing out.   my husband (john) just got a new job.  it's been a bit crazy here in the interim.  at first we thought we were going to have to move to california.  that sounds like a fun adventure, but the problem was that our dear boy (ben) is a senior in high school.  he is not really in a good place to move.

luckily, as it turns out, we don't have to move.  john will be working in denver!  that is great except for one thing... he will be working from home.  now, don't get me wrong.  i am thrilled that he will be working from home!  it's nice to have lunch together, and it's nice that he can be on a call and throw a bit of laundry in.   but the problem is our office situation.

we have a wonderful office in our house.  it's beautiful, thanks to the previous owners of our abode who put in built-ins and two work stations with granite desktops.  the bad news is that it's next to the front door.  and our sweet labrador (vinny) loves to bark like a crazed doggie when the doorbell rings.  not a good situation for someone on a very important phone call.

so john is moving to the basement!  he already has a great room down there for his creative endeavors.  so we are adding some cool furniture and doing some re-painting to make it officially an office.  we got a desk on craigslist (photos to come when it's refinished) and i am in the process of creating the perfect office chair!

i got the chair a couple of years ago at goodwill.  it was $1.95!  yes, one dollar and 95 cents!!  i wish i took the before before pic, but i forgot.  so here is the before finishing and after taking apart version.

i bought the retro fabric yesterday, and am in the process of sewing a seat cover.  i have already re-covered the back and arms.  all in, it's cost is about $50.  that was for fabric and new foam.  

i am really excited for this!  promise to post our progress as it comes to fruition!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

jenny fillius

the internet can be a wonderful place for artists to meet.  recently, i received a message from a fellow collector and assembler of stuff, named jenny fillius.  jenny does some awesome work using found sheet metal which she snips and rivets and layers to create her wonderful pieces.  

being a collector of all things saintly, i am especially intrigued with her madonna creations.

hail mary

VOG (virgin of guadalupe)

i first saw jenny's work on pinterest, which led me to her website,  she also has an etsy page, its link is on her website.

i have met so many interesting people through my computer.  it's amazing how the artist community (or any other) can seek kindred spirits by messaging through etsy, facebook, and the like.  it is definitely a great time to be an artist, although sometimes i admit i spend a bit too much time on the computer and not enough time in the studio!

thank you, jenny for the message.  maybe one day i will be in seattle, or you will be in denver, and then we can go on a monumental hunt for treasures!