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Sunday, March 21, 2010

hidden in plain sight

this is my new box. i used some really awesome modern paper. i think it was made in india, but i'm not sure. i really liked the flower pattern, and tried to repeat that in the layered part. in person, the layers are a bit further apart than they appear in this photo. the monkey is an old tin game piece. i have had him for years, looking for just the right place to put him. he is holding a little white cup in his hand, which i think is funny. it's about 6" square and about 1" deep. check out the sk3tchbook website for a side angle view.

printmaking class

i took a great class last weekend at a gallery in pagosa springs, CO. it was taught by a printmaker and potter named michael coffee. the class was amazing. we made monoprints with a process called "reduction ink". the great part was you could get all of these grey tones that registered without multiple plates. i will be taking the class that adds color in july. sooooo cooool!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

new blog

ok, so we decided to try something new. the old blog wasn't accepting comments, so tom and i decided to link to blogger instead. i have a lot of work to do before i get it all up and running. i'm at the studio, and so don't have access to my pictures. so keep looking, and i promise i will post very soon!