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Monday, December 3, 2012

jenny fillius

the internet can be a wonderful place for artists to meet.  recently, i received a message from a fellow collector and assembler of stuff, named jenny fillius.  jenny does some awesome work using found sheet metal which she snips and rivets and layers to create her wonderful pieces.  

being a collector of all things saintly, i am especially intrigued with her madonna creations.

hail mary

VOG (virgin of guadalupe)

i first saw jenny's work on pinterest, which led me to her website,  she also has an etsy page, its link is on her website.

i have met so many interesting people through my computer.  it's amazing how the artist community (or any other) can seek kindred spirits by messaging through etsy, facebook, and the like.  it is definitely a great time to be an artist, although sometimes i admit i spend a bit too much time on the computer and not enough time in the studio!

thank you, jenny for the message.  maybe one day i will be in seattle, or you will be in denver, and then we can go on a monumental hunt for treasures!

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