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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

series complete!

these are the last 3 in the eggbox series. i was having a bit of trouble photographing today, maybe the metallic finish is skit-zing the camera out? anyway, the good news is that they are done!! i am going to install them along with some other stuff for the artful evening at the shop on november 19th. after that, they will be available on the website for sale (if there are any left! ha!!)

the first box is about 5x8x3 inches, and the paper covering the outside is teresa's workbook from 2nd grade. her handwriting is forever preserved as a work of art! the second box is the smallest in the series...about 3x5x3 inches, and inside i have wired a wonderful old french ivory frame with a sweet bird from a tobacco card inside. there's a mirror, and some tiny china, and oh!, some eggs! last one is 8x11x3". this time i have some glass things inside. i couldn't glue them because you would see the glue through the glass. so i drilled holes in the box and then "sewed" them in with wire. i like the effect. i think it's a neat change. i always like to show hardware, so it goes right with that theme. the little wooden plaque at the back is an old shopping list, but i turned it over because some little kid decided to practice writing on the back with blue crayon. "NO" it says over and over. funny! i love stuff like that. it also has the last large piece of the rusty metal johnine gave me.


  1. Oh Ruth...I love these so much. Running out of rusty metal?–well, I'll start looking for more.