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Thursday, February 3, 2011

collage, collage

i've been putting together some collage packs at the shop.  i'm trying to get some really good stuff in each pack.  and i'm selling them for $3.  so far, i have sold a bunch.  seems like people know they are getting a deal.  

i guess this has put me into the collage mood.  i am waiting for my prints to come back from my shy rabbit class.  i am working on a series of assemblages which include prints.  so i'm kinda stuck until i get them in the mail.  anyway, in my spare waiting time, i am working on some little collages that include a figure in watercolor.  watercolor is not my medium, but i cleaned out the closet in my studio and found my watercolor palette.  so it inspired me to practice, which i need badly.

each little collage will be backed by the cover of an old book from my collection.  i think i might float them in a small shadow box.  or maybe they can hang directly on the wall?  either way, here they are in progress.  photos from my phone, so please understand the not so great quality.  i'm at the shop today and don't have the big camera!

betty bauer

i have to wear a coat

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