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Sunday, February 6, 2011

good news/bad news

the bad news?  my class with lynn perella was cancelled this week in taos.  i was really looking forward to a week-long retreat with other collage artists.  dang.  it seems like the weather in west texas screwed up the transmission of natural gas in the pipeline to new mexico.  so most of northern new mexico has had no gas since thursday. (today is sunday).  this is just awful, because most people depend on gas to heat their homes.  i am hoping that the end of this happens very soon.  we truly don't know when the gas will go back on.  so i'm saying a little prayer for the people there.

the other bad news is that my dear husband is sitting in our house in taos with no heat.  he left on friday, and is still waiting for the gas.  i guess they finally turned off the meter late last night (saturday), and hopefully they will be around sometime today or tomorrow to turn it back on.  they say that everything must first be turned off, then the pressure in the lines need to be restored, and then they have to once again go house to house and re-light the gas.  with over 30,000 people in need of these steps, it's gonna take a long time.  

the good news?  our pipes were saved by my hero from being frozen.  he has space heaters in the bathrooms and laundry room keeping it warm.  he's a bit chilly in the larger living spaces, but he has an electric blanket, and has figured out to heat water in the coffee pot to wash with.  he says he's bored silly, can't really leave the house because if he does he might miss the gas workers.  and if you aren't there when they come, they tag your house and then you have to make an appointment to get a re-light.  i know everyone is trying their very best, but it's a gargantuan mess.

the other good news?  well, you can see it in the photo above.  my most recent junk trip. i went to the antique mall and found all of this for under $20.  i am feeling quite proud.  i don't exactly know what i will do with all of these treasures, but they will show up somewhere in the near future.  

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