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Monday, February 21, 2011

new print on etsy

i listed this print on etsy today.  i made it in the studio at sk3tchbook a few weeks ago.  it was kind of fun, as a woman came in and watched me working on it for at least 30 minutes.  that's the kind of thing we are always hoping for at sk3tchbook.  people coming in and watching us create, asking us questions, and enjoying the process of art.  it was a great day.

the print is 9x12, and is mounted on cradled hardboard, which is painted black.  the process is long and almost unexplainable, but basically you layer oil-based printing ink over and over to create the print.  the images of the bottles are created with cut paper, which blocks the ink where it is placed.  the lines are done last, by scratching through the layers to expose the ink underneath.  they are monoprints, as you can only do one at a time, and the paper cut outs aren't reusable because they get covered with ink.

i was in a retro kind of mood when i started this print.  i had been looking at various catalogs, and it seems that bottles in retro shapes are all the rage.  i'm not sure why i chose turquoise, it's not usually a color i work with.  who knows, really!

i worked on two more prints on saturday at the studio.  it was a big zero in the creative department.  i threw both of them in the trash on the way home.  they were terrible.  i tried to print on primed canvas and black paper.  at least i know i don't have to make those mistakes twice.  oh well, live and learn!!

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