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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new web site!!

i spent about 4 hours today making a web site.  i chose fat cow to do my hosting.  it's not perfect yet, but i think i did a pretty nice job for a non-techie.  so if you get the chance, give it a visit.  and don't forget to let me know what you think, good or bad.  (i can take it).

anyway, click here for the link.  and if you aren't the clicking type, you can type it in. luckily i have a weird last name, so nobody else had claimed!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ruth! I actually found you through the website. I just got done looking through 1000 creative resuse book and googled your name. It is nice to have an odd name in this case. I too, just started my website last month and I am glad of my uncommon name! I got the link to the blog from the website and just finished looking through all your posts. Love it. The site is cool. I like how you have links on each page and its all laid out well. I have seen so many sites that are confusing and dont have links to where to buy their work. It gets frustrating but good job here!
    Only thing I can suggest is if you ever are going to have a facebook page or twitter, flickr, etc there is a plugin called Social Homes that puts links on each page and opens to a new page if you set it that way.
    I am like you in that I have many different interests and hard to focus on one thing.. not sure if I have to :) I also am on my own too with my daughter going to college this past Sept. Cherish this time.