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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 new boxes

i have been working on a series of 5 assemblage boxes.  in an earlier post, i photographed the beginning of one of these, thinking that i would create a print and install an assemblage on top of it in a large frame.  but then i got the idea to place the assemblages into a smaller boxes instead.  the 5 boxes can then be hung together or stacked into an installation.

here are the boxes i have finished so far.  they are 5x7x3 inches.

four point bandage

fractured knee cap

fractured jaw

all of the boxes feature tin (and other metals), cigarette cards with first-aid images, vintage rulers, and vintage game pieces (which are loose and can move around in the interiors).  the numbered tacks were for numbering window screens.  when they were taken off and stored, the numbered tacks helped you find the correct window.  love that!!

they are all protected with plexiglass.  sturdy dovetailed boxes are hand made by my fabulous and talented husband!

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