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Monday, February 13, 2012

series complete!

i finished the series of boxes with first-aid images from old cigarette cards.  had to buy a new point driver in the process, which cost me fifty bucks.  hopefully the new one will work better than the old one.  for those of you who care, a point driver is a staple gun looking device that puts in those little tabs on the back of frames to keep the contents secured in the frame.  

when people ask about pricing artwork, i try and let them know all of the stuff that goes into a piece of mine, besides the artwork itself.  for example, the boxes are created with clear poplar or birch plywood, which i have to buy.  and then my sweet husband spends hours making them.  he uses lots of tools.  a table saw, a router,  and a dovetail jig.  then i use the orbital sander to smooth everything out.  next, i have to cover the box, cut plexiglass to fit, and cut the rulers to size for the spacers.  then i secure the spacers, and place the artwork inside of the box.  then i put on the backing, drive the aforementioned points, and add the hanging hardware.  it took john all day yesterday to make the boxes for me, and then it took me all day to finish two boxes.  the artwork had been completed previously.

i don't want to get on my high horse, but it's a lot of work!!  

i don't know exactly how much it cost me to make the series, but i do know that i spent many many hours on them.  these pieces will be in a show that opens this may.  this particular venue is going to also take 20%  from any sales i make.  that's a good percentage.  most galleries take 40 or 50%.  i will be teaching a class on making boxes to local kids as part of the deal.  and i won't get paid for teaching.  but i will get the added bonus of 5 more percent if i make a sale.  their usual rate is 25%.

i guess that's enough of the diatribe for now.  the good news is that there is joy in completion!  so enjoy the finished pieces!

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