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Thursday, February 16, 2012

getting better??

here's my print from the last post again today.  it's changed quite a bit, as you can see.  i have added a lot of reflection on the glass.  not sure about this one.  i hate the lid.  i think i gotta put it away for a while and look at it with new eyes in a few days.  then i will decide if it's destined for the cut-up collage bin or not.  

it's making me crazy.
sometimes posting a piece helps me see what i don't like, or what i need to change.  i think you can't see it anymore in the studio as you are working.  you are too close, and too familiar.  putting it out there lets you see it from another perspective.  e gads.  as i keep looking, that lid is turning into a blob monster.

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