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Thursday, January 27, 2011

sneak preview

 i hate tags in my clothing, and am always having my husband cut them out.  they are itchy.  especially on my fair and sensitive skin (he sarcastically calls me a delicate flower).  after removal, i kept feeling badly about just pitching them in the trash.  so i got this idea that i would simply save them to make into a dress.  it seemed like a funny idea, take the part i hate, and re-use it to make something else.  what i didn't foresee is that many of the clothing companies started silk-screening the labels right in!  good for my skin, bad for my dress.  so i started telling everyone to save the tags for me.  and people did for a while.  and then the jar of tags in my studio sat for a while, gaining only a few tags here and there.

yesterday i was in the studio and saw that jar.  and i said to myself, it's now or never.  i am sick of looking at that jar of tags!!  so i spent all day making my dress.  now, i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks pretty definite that i will never be actually wearing my dress.  unfortunately the amount of tags only merited a baby dress.  it's sized for a one year old.  it was either a tiny dress, or none at all.

so here is a sneak peak.  it took ALL DAY and i'm not even close to being finished.  but when i am, i will post the entire garment right here.  so stay tuned!!

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