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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

marching along

the march
monoprint with collage
this is what i did today.  worked on prints.  my last of 3 printmaking classes is in about a week, and i am trying to play with materials to get some practice before i go.  this one was a combination of a monoprint and a collage.  first i collaged the background, then printed over it with ink.  that dried for 2 days while i worked on the striped pieces.  they were created with lots of layers of ink, then striated with an exacto to expose the under layers.  these also dried for two days.  then i cut up the stripey pieces and backed each one with pages from an old french dictionary.  then i glued the whole works together.  of course i used bookbinder's glue, which is really tacky and archival.  i like it better than matt medium for thicker paper.  and this is mostly watercolor paper, which is kinda thick.  anyway, it was fun to play.  i am making a few more of these type, plus a series of tree prints that are coming out pretty well.  hopefully i won't look like a dork at the class  if i have at least made an attempt at some work.  i like this process a lot.  it's fun, and unpredictable sometimes.

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