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Monday, January 3, 2011

dog's life

my new year's resolutions are to live more like vinny.  he's our black lab mix rescue dog.  he has brought so much joy to our household over the last couple of years.  the great thing about dogs is that they truly live for the moment.  they are so full of delight about the smallest of things.  and they are patient!  he waits some days for hours to see us, and we are always greeted with growls of happiness, a wagging tail, and a mouth full of toys.

my resolutions (aka what i have learned from vinny):

  1. enjoy the small stuff.  relish the little moments of life--a cookie, a walk around the block, snow in the back yard!
  2. relax.  there's nothing like a nap in the middle of the afternoon, especially on a comfy couch, snuggled next to someone you love. 
  3. celebrate coming home to one another.  greet each other with a hug and a smile (since we can't wag our tails!) 
  4. enjoy your food.   celebrate every meal like it's the best one you've eaten.  revel in the routine, and don't forget to lick the bottom of the bowl! 
  5. play!  chase each other around the couch, charge up the hill with glee, delight in running through the snow.
  6. go for a ride.  just get in the car to enjoy the day.  drive and see the sunset from a new viewpoint.  open the window and enjoy the wind on your face.
  7. hang out with your pack.  love the fact that just being with one another is sometimes all you need.
  8. occasionally be naughty.  who says we're always perfect?  that cookie on the counter looks irresistible!
  9. melt their hearts.  let your peeps know you love them with an unexpected kiss or that sweet look of adoration (see above!).

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