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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

prayer meeting!!

i just HAD to show everyone my new sign.  it's a riot.  the bottom of the sign is painted over another sign that originally welcomed american express cards.  old fashioned re-purposing! it's double sided and very similar on each side.  i'm not really the religious type, but who doesn't need a prayer meeting once a day?  i haven't decided where exactly to put it, but i will find the perfect spot.  right now it's at the shop.  you can see the rest of our treasures in the background.

funny story...i was bidding on this sign on ebay, and saw that the seller was in the denver area.  so in order to save some $$ on shipping, i emailed her and asked if i could pick it up if i won.  she emails back, and i find out she is the owner of the antique shop that is half a block away from our shop!  so i walked down the street today and picked it up!!  how funny!!  she always has great stuff there.  so if you are in downtown littleton, stop in and see genna at prince st. dry goods and tell her ruth sent you!

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