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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

crabby but a little productive

ok.  i'm officially crabby.  and only 5 days into january.  my last post was all love and kisses, but i'm not in that kind of mindset right now.  i've been sick for the last 2 weeks or so.  bad cold to bad flu to bad sinus infection.  i don't know about you, but when i am sick i am not very creative.  so i screwed up some artwork (big time) during this crabby period.  i spent 2 days making prints and exposing myself to all kinds of nasty fumes for nothing.  the whole lot went in the trash.  i did learn something, though!   don't try art when you feel like crap.

yesterday i finally sucked it up and went to the doctor.  got some meds, which i avoided until i was in dire straights.  i am miraculously feeling a lot better.  hmmmmm.  stubborn, i know.  anyway, this morning i woke up and decided it was time to arise from the ashes.  and here is what came out.  necklaces!!  i got some more vintage watch cases this week, and you can see them here.  i cut out the pics from an old dictionary (thanks, johnine, one more time!!)  the rest of the stuff is a mix of mostly old stuff.  glass, plastic, and shell buttons.  beads.  various trinkets.  all on a leather cord that you can shorten if you want.  and all this for only $22 a piece!! they will be in the store later today or tomorrow.  or possibly friday because like i said, i am a little crabby!  ok, i'm not feeling so badly anymore.  guess the fog is lifting...

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