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Monday, May 14, 2012

ysl at dam

link here to DAM website

the yves saint laurent retrospective show is currently in denver, at the denver art museum.  i had the great opportunity to go to the show last week.  it was incredible.  believe it or not, the show will only be in denver, madrid, and paris!  i am not the biggest fashionista on the planet, but i do love clothing, fabric, and sewing.  this show got me all pumped up to include some of what i saw into new projects.

there were two parts of the show that had the greatest impression on me.  first was the room in which the had a floor to ceiling rainbow of fabric swatches from yves saint laurent's notebooks.  they had the pages taken out of the notebooks, and mounted on the wall behind glass.  i loved the fact that the pages had bent edges, and holes from the notebook.  there were also some of his solid colored dresses in the room, set into niches.  what an amazing way of displaying some of his more personal items.

the second thing that blew me away was an entire room, 3 mannequins high, displaying ysl's tuxedos, or "le smoking".  i didn't know that ysl was prolific at tuxedos, and had new versions for each of his collection.  i was going to download a picture, but i think that a picture cannot do them justice.  in the "le smoking" room, there is a bench, and i just sat there mesmerized for at least a half hour.

how will these images in my mind from the show end up in my work?  right now, i do not know.  but i do know that what i saw and took in will wind it's way into what i will be doing in the very near future!

if you are in denver (or madrid or paris), please take the time to go see the retrospective.  it runs until july 8th in denver.  you will not regret your decision!!  please click on the link below the image at the top of this entry for more info, and more pictures!

i know that i am changing the subject, but i wanted to add a few pictures of my garden yesterday.  every spring, i am once again taken with the beauty of mother nature as it unfolds in the garden.   she is quite the artist, isn't she?

and i couldn't resist adding one more image of my gardening helper yesterday.  he's great at lying a few feet away, enjoying the damp grass and the occasional ray of sunshine!

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