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Sunday, May 6, 2012


today is sunday, and the first poppy of spring exploded in the garden.  it's gorgeous, and about the size of my hand.  every year the first poppy gives me a swelling heart.  they are so beautiful with their wispy paper-like petals, eye-popping color, and furry leaves.  i have been told that if you cut them to bring them inside that you have to burn the stem to make them last.  but i can never bring myself to remove them from the garden.  i don't think a vase could possibly do them justice.

in the same bed with the poppies, the iris are also in full glory.  behind the iris you can see the pink dianthus and the yellow ice plant putting on their springtime show.  

a bit further on, the shrub rose is also blooming.  this one is called "morden sunrise", a great one to grow in colorado.  it blooms from spring to summer, and always looks happy despite the harsh mile high sun and the dry climate.  

i am having a super great sunday, because of the flowers, but also because i was so fortunate to see so many friends at our opening last night.  it was also nice to meet the new faces in attendance.  a big thank you to everyone who came, and also to jo cole at the curtis center for making the show possible.  

i hope your sunday is filled with beautiful things!

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