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Thursday, May 31, 2012

more birds!

memorial day weekend is our traditional "plant the garden" holiday in new mexico.  this year, my husband john couldn't make the trip.  he stayed home getting our son ready for finals.  without them, it was girl's weekend this year.   my sister-in-law, her partner, and i shoveled, hoed, and hauled our way to a fully planted plot of veggies and flowers!  our fruit trees are also brimming with peaches, plums, cherries, apples, and pears!  it is the first year in almost a decade that all of the fruit trees are bearing.  i think taos may not be the fruit capital of the world...we inherited the trees from the former owners, who were from the east coast.  the warm spring was good to us this year.  we are looking forward to this season's yield!!

we also tackled a long overdue project out front.  we finally replaced the old, ugly, and faded address post.  the former indicator of our house number was a simple steel fence post stuck in the ground.  wired to it was a piece of plexiglass bearing digits on mismatched stickers.  not a great sight.  so the ladies went shopping for a replacement.  we ended up with a 4x4 wooden fence post, iron numbers, and a handmade iron crow to mark our space.  we had to drill, dig, and mix/pour concrete for the job.  and we are very proud of our results:

birds are definitely on my mind these days.  so upon my arrival home after a glorious long weekend in sunny NM, i made this print.  it's a variation on my last post.  i think i like it better.

sorry.  a bit out of focus.  it's still wet, so i took the image with my phone.  

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