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Friday, May 18, 2012

fancy tiger crafts

for those of you in denver who have been living under a rock (ha!), fancy tiger crafts has moved up the street.  the old space, which used to look like this:

photo from jamie j on yelp

now looks like this!!

right next door, is their clothing and accessory store conveniently named "fancy tiger clothing".  if you continue one door south, you will wander into buffalo exchange where the coolest bunch of vintage and "gently used" clothing is up for perusal.  oh, and there is a print show in the very very back room up until the end of the month that includes some really amazing work from the printmakers at metro state.  (two of these incredible printmakers are former students of mine, taylor and jazzmyn barbosa.  they are blowing me away with their prints!!!)

anyway, the reason for all of this lead in is that i have been to the new fancy tiger crafts (and of course the rest of the shops along this strip of south broadway) twice in the last two weeks.  this is a picture of just a snippet of the fabric they carry.  and they also have every kind of thing for a person who loves this type of crafty paraphernalia.  

photo from fancy tiger craft 

my point is that the fabric colors are amazing.  looking at the these modern fabrics makes me:
1)  want to go back to school to be a fabric designer 
2) want to go home and play with color combinations until the wee hours.

so i did (play, not re-enroll in school).  and this is one of the prints i made:

after the first round of play, i kept playing.  and this is my first shot at a series of birds...or animals...or something i haven't thought of yet!

it's got some issues, i know.  so when i figure it all out, i will post the results.

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  1. Issues? It's awesome--I love the bird and the color combo! I'm def gonna try out the black & white Pattern-Baroque-Thing with watercolor