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Sunday, April 15, 2012

working this sunday

i have been spending the day indoors.  a storm came in last night and wrecked our gorgeous spring weather.  there was a layer of slushy snow on the grass when i woke up this morning!  it's in the mid-forties outside, but i am so used to the seventy degrees (or more) lately that it seems too cold to be out.

i have had two boxes in the works for over a week, and decided today was the day to get going on them.  here are some pictures of my work in progress.  as you can see in the top photo, my workspace is a huge mess.  that's how it goes with assemblage for me.  i turn my studio into something you might see on hoarders!  the good news is there is actually a place to return to for everything that is now cluttering my surfaces.

it usually takes several days for me to get the right mix of objects for a box.  i set them out without glue or attachment  hardware, and then take a quick photo with my phone.  then i have picture to guide me as i glue, drill, screw, and fasten.  it sometimes takes me a few days for this process, as i like to dry in layers to make sure everything is truly secure.  i usually give my pieces a good shake and turn-around before i call them done.

john is at the auction today.  he sent me a picture of his first purchase:

it's the smaller cabinet with drawers.  i think it will be cute once it's cleaned up!  yay john!  there's also 3 wooden tripods at the auction, and i am hoping he will pick them up as well.  i have an idea for a series of assemblages which sit atop tripods.  right now they are hot--everyone is making lamps out of them.  i really could care less about a tripod lamp, so it is unfortunate that my idea is coinciding with the lamp trend of the moment.  agh.

john is in the market for an old tool chest.  he has been wanting one for years, so i hope the junk gods smile upon him and he gets one for a song.  

back to the studio...

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