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Monday, April 16, 2012

father time

"father time" is officially finished.  another in the series using boxes covered with vintage paint-by-numbers!  materials include old clock parts, old washers, ephemera, a nail tin, and a 50's era wooden cut out of the perfect guy!  behind him are pages from an insurance policy.  

if i'm doing my math right, that means i have13 assemblage boxes, and 29 framed prints for my show in may.  phew!!  i think i'm gonna try and finish one more box, and then be done.  work has to be delivered on may 1st, so i'll have a few days to rest.  oh, i take that back.  i think i will only take one day, and then will begin that monumental push in printmaking for the arts festival in july!!

i can't complain.  it's nice to be working toward such nice goals.

by the way, may show announcements go out today, so if you are on my mailing list, you should get one very soon!  if you would like to join the list, you can send your email or physical address to me at:

don't worry, i won't bother you will a million emails.  the mailing list is used for show announcements only!

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