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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mother nature, finished!

ok, so i only lasted 6 hours or so of glue drying before i put the new box together.  i get like that sometimes.  i know that the full 24 hours is optimum, but since there are screws securing the found pieces along with the glue, i figured it would be ok.  i get so excited about finishing the work, that i just have to do it, glue dried or not.

in my last post i talked about the paint-by-numbers, and as you can see, the box is completely covered with them.  i cut each piece to fit and then glued and clamped them in place with painter's tape.  then i sanded the edges to get them to line up perfectly.  finally, i sealed the old paintings with a coat of matt medium for strength and a nice surface.  

the box can sit on a surface or ledge, or can hang with the wire installed on the back.  this piece will be one of the boxes at the juxtaposition show at the curtis center in may.

i really like this one.  if it doesn't sell at the show, i think it may have to go in my permanent collection!!

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