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Friday, March 4, 2011


these are some of my past sketchbooks.  i am posting them to remind me that i haven't been very good about producing them for a while.  it used to be that i worked in my sketchbook every single day.  and now i can't remember the last time i did more than jot down some quick ideas.  we just got a shipment of recycled sketchbooks in the shop at sk3tchbook!  they are from ecojot, a canadian company, and have nice kraft paper covers.  i think while i am at the store today i will start one.  i usually have the policy that i start one on a date, and must end it one year later.  that way, it stays at least a little fresh.  i don't allow myself to work on it after the one year mark, and that keeps me from over thinking an changing stuff too much.  a little more authentic.

we also changed out the floor plan at the shop.  now tom has a space to work on watercolors.  it looks really nice.  i always like to do a floor move.  it makes everything seem all new and different.  i used to do this with my room growing up.  and it was so cool to sleep in that new room for the first few weeks.  maybe i need to not only work on sketchbooks.  maybe i need to also move the furniture around in my house.  shake things up a bit, get the groove on.

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