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Sunday, March 20, 2011


as you can imagine, art making has been interrupted for a while.  i haven't been able to concentrate very well, thinking about jack.  i decided to post this collage i created a few weeks ago.  when it was done, i named the collage "hermes", after the guy who helped the deceased find their way to the afterlife.  the images are cut from an old first-aid book.  the feet on the left are tied with a bandage, and the ones on the right have been untied.  (it was actually the other way around in the book).  anyway, to me the untying symbolizes freedom from restraint.  and the bandages look like wings to me. (hermes wears shoes with wings).  anyway, i posted the collage because it was kind of strange the way it related to a story from our trip to lander, wyoming for jack's funeral.  

the morning after the funeral, chia (who is my husband's nephew's wife) saw a rainbow.  she said in her religion that the rainbow was a symbol that jack was making his ascension, and that he had found his way to the heavens.  it was only today that i realized that i had included a rainbow image in my collage.  so i guess that for me, the collage has told it's story.  jack was freed from the body he could not move, and he found his way to a new place.

rest in peace, jack.

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  1. THIS I love! All those white-on-white shapes, the brushwork, the shoes--remarkable