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Sunday, March 6, 2011

new assemblage box

this is my new assemblage box.  it's called "x", for obvious reasons.  i found the hands at the local antique mall.  the letter has been hanging around with me for several years, waiting for its place.  the orange "halo" is actually a roll of elastic.  i got it at the pink attic cat in littleton.  i told amy, the owner, that i needed something round and orange.  and she had just the thing.  the print is attached to an old mint tin.  it has been covered with a thin layer of encaustic wax.  this is the second in a series.  i am working on others as well.  i don't think i can sell it yet.  i need to save it for a print show in the fall.  

on a very serious side note, things are pretty solemn around here.  my husband's dad, who is 90, had a stroke on wednesday.  john and his siblings are in wyoming with him.  if anyone is so inclined, a little prayer would be appreciated.  we just want the best for him, whatever that may be.  

we love you, jack.

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