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Monday, March 21, 2011

paper & clay 4

this is the image from "paper & clay 3" at shy rabbit in pagosa springs, colorado.  i have been lucky enough to get an invitation for the 2011 show, paper & clay 4, which will be from oct 1-nov 6th.  this is huge for me, as i have been trying my hand at monoprinting for the last year and a half.  i took three classes at shy rabbit, and have loved this process, created by d.michael coffee.  what i love about this type of printing is that it really works well with the kind of work i already do.  it's a process in which i can use what i know about collage, painting, color, layering, texture, surface, and patina.  and i have been also incorporating the prints into assemblage pieces.  i will be meeting online with michael to show him my progress.  i wish i could go down there each time i need to, but it's a 12 hour round-trip, so i think virtual meetings might serve me better.  

i have been making a bunch of prints experimenting with two themes, one being letters an numbers as design elements.  the other theme is "the diagram".  i have been perusing old medical and fitness books for ideas.  who knows exactly where this will go.  sometimes the first pieces of an idea look very different from the last ones.  i am hoping that i can keep a consistent string to keep everything looking like it belongs in the series.  sometimes this is my downfall...i get too excited about so many ideas, and the pieces don't feel unified.  so wish me luck.  i will be posting some of the prints as i go, so any feedback will be appreciated!!

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