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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

new digs

new living room

i promised myself that i wasn't going to post until i was settled, but i figured since we close on the new house tomorrow, that it was okay.  i also told myself that i wouldn't post until i was making some meaningful artwork, but with my studio packed, it's pretty tough.  i will mention that my brain is on overdrive after a long hiatus.  i think i needed the time to recharge after a few years of non-stop work.

so, above you will find an interior photo of the new house.  it's in northwest denver.  yep, the fwegers are moving to the city.  we spent a few weeks on a monumental house search, eventually losing 3 old homes in the crazy denver market.  we also had a contractor look at 3 more old places, hoping that a few swipes of the magic wand could turn them into our dream homes.  ugh.  one problem after another, including a bad foundation, a home so chopped up from previous remodels that it was unsavable, and one more that sold as we were standing inside with the contractor.  

as you probably already figured out, the new place is actually new!  our first new house!  we are very excited to have something brand new after 6 places that we re-did with our own blood, sweat, and tears.  imagine!  everything in working order, without repairing or replacing!!  wheeeeeee!!!

the color scheme

this is a little study i did on a wood block, working out the colors for the new place.  eventually i plan to maybe recreate it on a larger canvas to hang in the house.  i am obsessed with orange...and green...and grey...and white!  so there you go, a sneak preview of what is to come artistic-wise and decor-wise.

i'll keep you posted!

did i mention that i got all of our patio furniture powder coated orange and grey???

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  1. Congrats on your new home! There is nothing harder...and more fun, than moving! Take your time, the process is what it's all about.
    I am a fan and devotee of your assemblage. It's the BEST:)