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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

changes, changes

i haven't posted any art these days.  that's mostly because i am not really making any.  i have been gathering ideas, spending way too much time on pinterest and reading art and design blogs.  i have also been continuing to clear out the house, getting ready for the change that is about to happen.

boxes, and boxes are moving out the door!

john took a new job in december, and it seems the tide is going to move us away from denver.  at first we were hoping that we might stay, but it's looking more and more like we are not.  last weekend i had an antiques dealer friend come by and purchase a garage full of small stuff plus 5 large pieces of furniture. we have also taken 7 full SUV loads to goodwill. it's a bit bittersweet to be casting off bits and pieces we have had for the last 25 years or so, but i think i am ready.  if we move, we will downsize to a smaller house and won't need all of the stuff we have accumulated over the years. 

along with the denver house, we will also be selling our place in taos, NM.  so there are now two places to clear out, and stuff to be sold, distributed, and given away.  it's a monumental task, but is also somehow freeing.  we are ready to start over in a new place.

cute, but NO WAY!!

now we have to get down to the business of figuring out exactly where the new place will be.  it may be california, it may be oregon, it may be someplace altogether different.  we are unsure.  as i was typing, my friend johnine sent me a photo of a back yard chicken coop, saying that oregon would be my fantasy hipster location!!  hipster, maybe. chicken coop, definitely NOT!!  i do know that wherever we end up will be fine.  i have long ago found that it really doesn't matter where you are, it all becomes home.

one part that i'm trying to get used to is that our little ben will not be moving with us.  he will stay in colorado and go to college.  he will be going to the university of colorado in boulder this august.  we will most likely be moving at the same time.  i think he is a little worried about it all.  he has lived in colorado for most of his life, and doesn't remember the moving around as a younger child.  john and i, on the other hand, have done our share of relocation.  colorado has our record of the longest place we have lived, and it's been 12 years.  i keep telling ben not to worry, that he will always have a home.  and that he can handle this--it's all part of growing up.  it's still not easy for any of us, though.

so who will i become, and what will i do when we move?  i really don't know.  i do know that art is in my heart and soul, and i will continue to make it.  i don't know if it will be full time, or if i might find a new job in the new place.  for now i will be concentrating on moving, and not so much on marketing myself and my art. i didn't apply for cherry creek arts festival this year, knowing it would be too much to handle with everything else on our plate.

i will probably not be posting for a long while, hopefully coming back to the blog at the same time i am coming back to creating meaningful work.  thank you to my readers and supporters of my art!!  it has been a thrill to speak with you through the blog.  see you soon!!

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