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Friday, April 12, 2013

holy crap! holy grail! porta power!!

this place is surreal.  this place is unlike any place i have EVER been.  this place is porta power.  and it's in denver.  and if you live in denver (or are visiting), and you love junk...or old buildings...or an assault on the senses, you MUST go!!  oh, and if you do go, you also must wear old shoes.  the floor is not at all sanitary.  and you may want to remove them for a good wash once you leave!  i swear it is all worth it, though!!

my friend, and fellow collector of junk, and antique shop dealer amy, told me about the place.  (amy has a great shop in littleton called "the pink attic cat" you should also check out!!)  she said it would be like no other experience (and gave me the shoe warning--thanks, amy!!), and it was.  i'm gonna post some pics here for you to enjoy.  i couldn't get instagram to work for some reason, which is a bummer because these shots would be so cool with filters...but you can still enjoy!!

didn't buy anything...but the wheels are turning!!

1 comment:

  1. Looks awesome!
    I have a Porto Power Black Hawk car tool. Im planning to restore it with new paint