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Thursday, August 5, 2010

little boxes

a new painting that measures 12x30". it's acrylic on a deep wrapped canvas. i like the whimsical look and the bright cadmium red. not too serious.

i had two days in a row in the studio. i have been putting out the prints like crazy, and decided i needed a break. i divided up the canvas, and worked out the color scheme of the boxes. i kept trying to get an abstract painting. for a whole day i painted and painted, experimenting with layering and dripping. it just wasn't working out. on the second day i was walking to the bank and got the idea of the houses in each box. i wanted them to be simple (there's a lot!!)

so i just started putting them in each box (i needed to paint all of the drips out first, which really was a big pain in the butt). the end product came out pretty cool. it's a bit folksy but still modern. and i like the fact that everything is a little off and crooked. and it was fun!! isn't that the goal? to enjoy what one is doing? well, i sure am!!

btw, i tried to download the whole painting but because the blog edits the dimensions of the photo, the whole thing won't show. too long and thin for the space. sorry. i will try to get a full shot on the website if i can figure it out...check it out on

(later) i did it!! i was able to finally put a full-sized image on the site! you have to click on the detail, and then it will come up on the next page. call me brilliant, huh?

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