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Saturday, July 31, 2010

i'm having so much fun!!

some more finished prints today. with the new ink from gamblin. i am having a blast with this. now if i could only keep the margins clean so i don't have to mount every print...i would like to show the edges of this beautiful paper...but i am a mess. i get so excited with the process that i can't even think about keeping it all tidy. my mother would be telling me to slow down and be neat if she were alive. "ruth claire, you need to stop being such a mess", she would have said. i will listen to her next time, i promise!!

my hope is that people will "get" these. that's the problem with abstracted images...people sometimes don't get it. i was thinking today that i am really into just trying to solve the problem of getting something that looks beautiful...i really don't care if it looks like something. i named both of these works "trees" because they remind me of sitting under a tree on a breezy day when the leaves overlap each other as they move, but i could have just as easily called them "composition in green and brown".

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