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Thursday, August 26, 2010


this is my new piece. it's called "whose?" because on the old tobacco card it says "firm lips humorous eyes (whose?). on the back it tells you it's clark gable. i thought it was funny. i have had this card for a while and just now found a place for it.

people are confused about the descriptor "assemblage" at the shop. they keep asking me if that means "mixed media". i suppose i am making mixed media pieces when i do the boxes, but i would rather call them assemblages because they are created mostly with objects. it seems like a better word to me. mixed media implies that the work could be flat. and it's not.

i am entering this one in a show. it's being judged by a prominent gallery owner here in denver. i am hoping his eyes think my work is worthy. cross fingers. i hope the fact that it didn't photograph as great as i wanted doesn't ruin my chances. the copper looks white-ish in the photos, and it's not. weird.

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