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Sunday, March 23, 2014

busy with the birds (and lots of other things)!

i've been busy at anthropologie the last few weeks.  we are in the midst of changing out many of the display areas in collaboration with some big floor changes.  my co-worker/display coordinator, john (who is the nicest, most talented guy, ever) has finished a gigantic elephant constructed with wood, canvas, and other materials.  he is standing at the entrance of the store to greet the customers.

behind the elephant, there is a large weaving on the upper display space.  this was one of my jobs.  i used just about everything lying around the art room to create it.  there is bamboo, twine, paper, 
rattan, even masking tape in the mix.  it's pretty large, about 10 feet long or so.

here's another shot (before it was hung):

in addition to these pieces, i have been making some paper cranes to accompany some bamboo bird cages that our anthro display friends darcy and wyatt created.  the birds were a labor of love…each feather was hand cut and glued to the armature by yours truly.  these pics were taken before i finished the feet, which were done in place.  the legs are actually screwed to the table and floor to keep them secure.

Here are a couple of images for you to enjoy!

 in addition to the cranes, we are in the midst of some other projects.  coming soon, will be a rope installation that was designed by john.  it's going to be super cool!  

here is a sneak preview of the ropes, ready to be hung.  i'll post a photo of the end results once they are up and ready!

it's been a super fun job so far.  i am still bring to get used to getting up at 4:30 am to make it to work by 6.  so far so good.  i think i would die without some extra sleep on the weekends, though!!

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