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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

i got the job! and an awesome paint-by-number!

before i unveil the most awesome of all paint-by-numbers, i will formally announce that my new job is official!  well, it will be truly official in february when i actually start in the new position.  the exact title of the job is "visual sales associate", which means i get to make displays most of the time, and also work on the floor a bit when i am not needed as a display person.  this will also (hopefully) train me in the ways of anthro display so that one day i can be full-fledged as a display coordinator.  in the meantime, i will be working full-time.  most days begin at 6 am, which will be hard to get used to.  it's not much different from when i was teaching.  i had to be at school pretty early, and got off at a similar time.  it's just going to take me a while to adjust.

i am so very excited!  what a dream job!!

ok, it's kinda creepy.  like a bad dream.  but it's also ultra kitschy and so dang laughable!  i have been collecting paint-by-numbers for a long time.  even when it was pre-cool.  i could get them for a few dollars each.  i won't tell you what i paid for this one!  (well okay, it was $28.  that's ridiculous…i know…)  i had to have this, though!  it was described on etsy as "the skipper and a really young gilligan", which is quite hilarious.  in fact, every time i walk by it i start singing "the skipper, too…a millionaire…and his wife…"

i have cut up many a paint-by-number to use in my work.  but this one?  never!!

by the way, when i was teaching i had about 20 pbn's on the wall of my classroom.  and you know what?  the kids had no idea what they were.  i had to explain it to them.  oh my…showing my age!

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  1. Congrats on the job. Enough time has passed by now, that a good update would be enjoyable! I don't think there is an artist on earth that wouldn't enjoy your job! How's it going? Laura :)