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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

underwear advertizing

these are some of the ads that i looked at while working on my bra and girdle prints.  for some reason, underwear ads always seem strange but funny to me.  everyone seems so happy and proud to be wearing their undergarment.

at the cherry creek arts festival, my bra and girdle prints brought people into my booth in droves.  they either laughed and shared stories about their connection to the displayed underthings, or said the prints were weird.  usually the people who said they were weird ignored me, and kept their comments to their companions.  one lady told me that she was a buyer for foundations for a department store in her younger days.  part of her job included trying on and modeling the garments!!  

one think i do know.  it takes a certain kind of person to buy a print using this subject matter.  i sold one to another printmaker, she was a silk screen artist.  another was going to be a 60th birthday present, but was exchanged for a bird print at the last moment.  the giver was unsure where the receiver might display the print in her house.  

i have proudly hung one of the prints (the bra and girdle) in my master bath.  i already had a collage in that bathroom by the talented vivienne strauss featuring a woman clad in in bra and girdle.  so i guess i am that certain kind of person.  

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