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Sunday, January 15, 2012


one of the things we purchased for the shop was a wonderful antique showcase.  it was always a centerpiece in the shop, as it was made of beautiful dark wood and had neat details like this brass plate.  when we closed the shop, we tried to sell it.  i guess nobody was in the market for an antique showcase at that point in time.  so i ended up taking it home to store until it could find a new home.

the other day i got a wild hair, and decided to move some furniture around in my living room.  i had an inkling that if i tried hard enough, i could find a spot for that gorgeous piece.  it took me all day, but i got it to work.  in the process, i also installed a wall of new art!

i also found a spot for "chubby" a dressmaker's form that was also used as display at the shop.  inside the showcase john and i created a "cabinet of curiosities".  here's a closer shot of the interior of the case.

it seems a lot fresher, and even larger in the "new" living room.  it's funny because we added lots of stuff, and the result is a more open and functional room!  don't forget, you can click on any of these photos for a larger look!

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