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Thursday, January 5, 2012

it gets worse before it gets better

it seems like every single surface of my studio is covered with stuff.  i think that in moving from the shop to home, my studio was dumped with everything that didn't fit elsewhere.  it's a real mess, and is making me crazy.  i went to the art supply store earlier this week to pick up some necessities for my imminent creative rush, but i can't even find a place for them in the hoard.

today is clean the studio day.

i am going to clean, put away, and organize until i have open surfaces on which to create.

i don't know about you, but i find it impossible to make art when my space isn't organized.  maybe another example of my virgo tendencies.  even if i clear the workspace, i can't get past the pile of clutter wherever i have deposited it.  my brain concentrates on the disaster waiting to be put in order, and nothing else.

i wish that this blog post was showing some amazing new artwork.  i really do.  maybe next post will feature the clean space with new work playing center stage versus the  tangled heap you see now.

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