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Monday, September 26, 2011

moab, utah

it's almost too awesome and huge to capture with any success in photos.
i'm posting a couple for looking, but know that you can't even understand the vastness and the color changes without seeing it in person.

i spent the last four days plein air painting in moab.  i have been thinking about the experience since leaving utah.  for me, the weekend was about seeing if i still had the passion to paint outdoors.  in my twenties, i painted from life or outside for 3 continuous years.  and i loved the experience because it really improved my skills and made me focus on learning about light, color, perspective, immediacy, and about a million other things.  it also calmed some of my post teen angst.

the days i spent in moab were great.  the landscape was enormous, awe inspiring, and almost incomprehensible.  but it really didn't turn me on as far as painting goes.  i went through the motions, but never felt that i could capture all that awesomeness in my work.  it was a huge struggle for me.  honestly, the beauty was overwhelming, but i didn't have fun trying to put it on canvas.

don't get me wrong, the trip was way worth it.  i saw amazing things, i painted with really nice people, and i had a lot of fun with my friend kelly.  and i love mark nelson, our teacher.  he is a great, talented, wonderful, laid back, and knowledgeable guy.  his paintings are beautiful.  i wish i could say that the place and the teaching gave me a newfound energy to pack up my easel and go outdoors once a week.  but it didn't.

what i did learn is that i am content to say that plein air painting of the landscape is not on my list of things i am currently passionate about.  and that i do still have a passion for making prints, creating collages, and making assemblages.  i do still want to paint.  just not outdoors, and not of landscapes.

i am happy that i have come to this conclusion.  i don't think i have crossed landscapes off the list forever.  only for a while.  maybe one day i will feel the love again!!

anyway, here are two studies from the weekend.

one last note, if you ever read this, thank you kelly for listening to my banter for all of those days and nights.  i am forever grateful to you for letting me vent about my artistic struggles.
thank you, thank you!!

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  1. Still and all--they ARE beautiful studies. But I do understand :) Way to paint, tho!