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Friday, September 9, 2011

birthday prezzies!!

happy birthday, to me!  my sweet and thoughtful husband john gave me some wonderful gifts this morning.  he is a man after my own heart!  this is one of the vintage games he gave me.  the other one is called "hickety pickety" and involves hens and eggs.  they are a dang riot!  i love those old graphics, and i love the funny stuff on the box.  "a snappy game" ha!!

i also got some other neat ephemera, including a book on penmanship exercises, and two report cards that belonged to alfred olsen in the 1920's.  alfred did make it on to 4th grade after this report, but i don't think his mom and dad were very happy with him on the ride! (click image for a closer look!)

how do i know that john is the man of my dreams?  well, because he got everything for under $20, and was happy to tell me!  now there is the perfect man for me!

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