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Monday, June 20, 2011

in the navy

another print day.  i spent forever on this one.  in fact, i couldn't figure out why the dog kept coming in and looking at me longingly.  then i realized i was almost 2 hours late in feeding him.  he hates to come into my studio because of the laminate flooring.  i think he feels like he's going to slip or something...or maybe it's that hollow sound?  anyway, i got lost in the creative process and worked for hours uninterrupted. it was heaven.

i like the piece so far, but think i will work a bit on the face.  it feels a bit unlike the rest of the print, so i will wait a few days for it to dry and then do a little overprinting.

this is based loosely on a photo of my dad in the navy during WWII.  i still have that wool jumper, and actually used to wear it sometimes.  it looked great with a long grey shirt.  maybe i'll dig it out of storage and try it on again!  hopefully it still fits.  my dad was a very small man back then.  in fact, he still is!!

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