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Sunday, May 1, 2011

riding on the circus train

high elements

through the hoop

two new collages.  both are 5x7 on board, and are matted up to 11x14.  they are framed in black gallery frames.  the images are from a 50's book called "circus time".  the illustrations are hilarious!  background is collaged from various vintage ephemera including a sleeve from a 45 record that came from eastern europe.  the maze is from a kid's puzzle book.

i am finding that i really like to use canvas board for these.  it's sturdy, and comes in standard sizes.  and you can either pop them in a frame as is, or matt them up in a bigger frame for more drama.  

we are busily working on the decorations for the show on may 20th.  the show is called "up close", and we purchased over a hundred magnifying glasses that we will hang and place all over the shop.  and if you haven't heard, the party fare will be twinkies.  yes, twinkies.  don't worry, though.  we won't be deep frying them.  

ok.  that's all for now.  gotta go do some spring garden work.  we have recently replaced all of the concrete pavers in our yard with real boulders.  it's looking really nice.  we are slowly working on contouring the beds so they have a more natural look.  i seriously love gardening.  this didn't happen until i was over 40.  my younger self was too busy and hyper for gardening.  now it's my zen time.  nothing like getting your hands in the dirt.  in the warm months, my favorite thing to do is pour a glass of wine after dinner and take a loop around the gardens to check on the plants.  they are kinda like children.   john and i move from plant to plant and survey their growth and development.  it really makes us smile.

i have some ideas for the next set of collages.  hint:  garden theme.  not too literal, though.  


  1. Doesn't look like you are struggling with ideas to me :) I like 'em!

  2. Can you come and inspect my gardens and make them beautiful....B